Because I’m a big wimp, I don’t like horror movies.  Thankfully this was a “end if the world” action movie, not a horror film. Was world war Z perfect?  Obviously not. But it had enough original elements and was well made enough to be very enjoyable. It also made me realize that if there is a zombie apocalypse I think I’d prefer to just die early on. Also nice to see a change of pace from slow zombies or nighttime-only zombies. This movie also had a plot point of dental interests, so that’s always a plus.

Like many of these summer movies, I can’t get this movie all the way to great. But it was a definite “Pretty Good”. I enjoyed it, I’d recommend it, and I wouldn’t mind seeing it again.

Final Verdict: “Pretty Good”

DVD Recommendation: Redbox, Netflix or wait for Cable

RT Audience Score: 72

CinemaScore: B+


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