RT Audience Score: 69

I have a special place in my heart for Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.  They are each so good in their laid-back, smooth style.  And they work together so well.  I could make a list a mile long of movies I’ve really enjoyed that starred one or both of them.  So even though this had a decent/poor RT score I still wanted to see it.  As long as it wasn’t horrible I was on board.

It delivered about that score.  At a score of 69 I would expect a movie to be generally “OK”.  Some would find it “Poor” and maybe “Good” to a certain audience.  And that was the Internship in a nutshell.  An average person with no emotional attachment to Owen and Vince would probably say this was OK.  But people in their late 20’s and 30’s probably have a certain fondness for these two guys to push this movie into “Good” and that is what I gave this movie.  It wasn’t hilarious.  But it had some good laughs and good heart.  Owen and Vince were very themselves (which is a good thing).  There was some unnecessary crudeness that didn’t bring anything to the table, but overall this was pretty tame.

In summary it was an enjoyable movie that I would recommend if you have any fondness for Owen Wilson and/or Vince Vaughn.