I was not super exited about the Hobbit.  I am a big LOTR fan (more the books than the films), and read the Hobbit when I was in Jr High.  But I was turned off by the fact it was being stretched into 3 movies.  However, I still figured it would be worth seeing.  I ended up seeing it in 3D (another thing I’m not a big fan of due to not liking glasses over glasses and its rarely more than a couple gimmicky scenes) because of showtime compatibility.

I was impressed and thus surprised.  I really liked the movie and found the 3D actually added nice depth to the feel of the visuals.  It mostly stayed true to the book (some embellishing for sure, but not to the detriment of the movie).  The cinematography was amazing.  It was very entertaining and didn’t feel nearly as slow as I thought it would.

I debated about how to score this movie.  I feel comfortable giving it a Good+.  For fans of LOTR or Peter Jackson it will probably get upgraded to Great, but for everyone else it should still be a solid Good.  Definitely worth seeing, especially on the big screen.