Anyone recall A Walk To Remember? It was a super sappy tragic teenage love movie from the early 2000’s. It was painful to watch, but my wife insists the movie was key in our falling in love, so I can’t bash it too hard. That movie had a good soundtrack, but it was just too cheesy. Anyway… The Fault In Our Stars was a movie in that same vein but much better done. I don’t love chick-flicks or romantic movies in general, but I can appreciate a good one. And this was a good one.

Girlfriend dump you after you got cancer? Grab the eggs!

But be prepared to be sad. It’s about 2 teenagers in love who both have stage 4 cancer. With that premise you would expect a real downer. But what made this movie pretty good (and much better than A Walk To Remember) was that it a good amount of humor and the actors weren’t too corny.

Overall, considering this was a teenage romance movie about kids with cancer, it was  surprisingly still “Pretty Good”. Definitely worth seeing. Just maybe not for a guys night out.


Final Verdict: “Pretty Good”– Worth seeing if you like this genre at all (or if your significant other does)

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RT Audience Score: 89

CinemaScore: A


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