I finally got around to seeing the Spiderman re-reboot.  Let me start by saying I hated the Tobey Maguire Spiderman movies.  T-Mag was the worst superhero of all time.  He was so whiny and lame.  And the movies were so cheesy and terrible.  It was like the “sand monologue” but a whole movie. I was mad when Spiderman 2 broke the box office record for highest grossing movie.  I never even saw the 3rd one.
So… I wasn’t expecting much from the Amazing Spiderman.  However, Superhero movies have been much better lately (thank you Christopher Nolan) so I thought they should be able to improve on T-Mag’s Spiderman that I hoped would die in the movie.  Plus it has Emma Stone (who is the running to be my new celebrity crush).
It wasn’t bad.  I didn’t have the gravity and depth of Batman, and it wasn’t as well put together as the Avengers.  But it was enjoyable and HUGE improvement from the old trilogy.  Overall I’d give it a “Pretty Good”.