RT Audience Score: 89

I know that this movie is officially called Star Trek Into Darkness, but let’s be honest its Star Trek 2.  I didn’t like the previews for this movie.  They seemed dark, messy and melodramatic.  So although I quite enjoyed the Star Trek reboot I didn’t have too high of hopes for ST2.  However the reviews have come in quite strong with both critics and audiences.

And I would strongly agree with those good reviews.  It was a really good movie.  I can’t quite get to “Great” but I have no problem giving this movie a strong “Good+”.  They have done a really good job on these reboots.  They have put together a good cast of characters that fill the roles of the original people, but in their own way.  There will never be another Spock as good as Leonard Nemoy, but Zachary Quinto does pretty well.  And Chris Pine is good as a young reckless Captain Kirk.  Although I wish he sometimes paused and dragged out his sentences like Shatner.

The first movie had lots of little references to the original series and Leonard Nemoy.  This movie also has some little cookies out there for Trekies, and still has Leonard Nemoy (but in a small cameo is all).  This movie more heavily references a specific plot from the original movies and has an interesting twist on a very classic line.  I can’t go into more without spoiling stuff but suffice it to say that you would enjoy this movie more if you’ve previously seen the original Star Trek 2 (Wrath of Khan).

In summary this was a really good, highly entertaining movie that I would strongly recommend.  I saw it in regular digital, so I can’t comment on the 3-D value.  But this is a movie worthy of paying full price to see.

UPDATE: After a few weeks of deep contemplation I’ve decided to upgrade Star Trek 2 to “Great”.  The lasting impression leaves a very good taste in my mouth and a desire to see this one again.