When does getting a score of “OK” constitute a success? When it’s for a sequel of a movie that is 13 months old and stars Dane Cook. Planes: Fire and Rescue! In all fairness I expected this to be bad and it wasn’t. It was “OK” bordering on Pretty Good, so that’s a win.


Having Julie Bowen will win some points with me, partially because of Modern Family and partially because of Happy Gilmore.

For me it was better than the first. It wasn’t unpleasant to take the kids too (having popcorn and Mr Pibb probably helped). But it probably would have been better with the less predictable ending.


These guys were pretty cool. Their toys would make good stocking stuffers. Disney is genius.

Final Verdict: “OK”

DVD: We’ll probably buy this since we have young children. But unlike Wreck-It Ralph, I won’t ever watch it without them.

RT Audience Score: 61

CinemaScore: A


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