RT score: 83 

When I saw the preview this didn’t jump out as a movie I’d probably see, but it’s Rotten Tomaoes user score was very good (I’ll usually see anything that scores an 80+ unless it is obviously not in my wheelhouse).  This had 2 other things in its favor. 1- I enjoy singing.  2- I think Anna Kendrick is pretty good.  

Pitch Perfect was actually pretty good.  It’s refreshing to see a young comedy that doesn’t go the super-raunchy route.  The singing was really good (they did an acapella “No Diggity” which took me back to 10th grade). So much so that I had to google to see if the stars really sang (apparently they did).  It was funny and entertaining.  Obviously since this is a music-based movie there is some spontaneous breaking out into song.  It that bothers you, this probably isn’t your movie.  It also does have the cliche rom-com relationship progression, but it wasn’t too a painful degree.

I’d give it a “Good”.  Not something I would buy, but I’d recommend it to someone or watch it again if happened to be on TV.