RT score: 68

When I saw the preview I thought this movie looked interesting.  But I was skeptical because a lot of movies make good previews that hide a crappy movie.  When the scores came in at a tepid 68 I was skeptical.  But a friend highly recommended it, so I gave it a chance.  It was mostly entertaining even if often ridiculous.  It was an interesting movie that held my attention and had some new twists, but will ultimately be forgettable.  Oblivion had some interesting elements, but just didn’t dig deep enough into them.

Really the most interesting thing about the movie was how many themes it borrowed (stole) from other movies.  It seemed like the writer/director tried to make a composite of every other sci-fi movie ever made. It was fun to notice the different parts and compile a list.  I found some Star Wars, Independence Day, Armageddon, Matrix, iRobot, Total Recall.  I’m sure there were many others.  And I’m not against that, but you need to borrow and expand.  I feel like this just cut and pasted without improving.

Ultimately this is a movie that is flawed.  With a little tightening it could have been good, with a lot more work it could have been great; but as-is I would score it as just “OK”.  It’s worth seeing if you enjoy sci-fi at all.  It was mostly entertaining, but definitely not something I feel the need to see again.