This is Part 2 of my Amazing Spider-Man 2 review. This post will contain MAJOR SPOILERS. If you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want it to be spoiled, please go back to Part 1 for now and read this part after you see the movie.

Warning: SPOILERS below.

We all have movies we love where something bad happens to someone we like. And even though you know it’s coming, some part of you hopes that the bad event somehow won’t happen this time. Or maybe I’m the only one who does that. Even though I obviously know that bad thing will happen again, there is some deluded part of my psyche that hopes it won’t happen this time. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was the first time that has ever happened to me for a movie I’ve never seen before. This is because I actually knew the spoiler before I saw this movie. USA Today did not do a job keeping their writing spoiler-free that week. One quick glance at a headline and I knew how this movie ended. I was reticent to believe it, but now I knew what was coming.


Why didn’t Peter just listen to Dennis Leary?

Spoilers aside, you could see where it’s going based on the foreshadowing heavily laid into the movie. Still, even though I knew it was coming and it was hinted at strongly in the movie itself, deep inside I thought to myself “no, that’s too messed up.” My inner deluded self held out hope still! But my to my frail little mind’s dreams, it happened. They killed Emma Stone Gwen Stacy!



This bothered me on several levels. I’ll try to explain them in order from least, to most reasonable.

#1- You can’t kill Emma Stone.

Mostly because she is so great and so likeable (and one of my celebrity crushes). But more practically because she is the biggest star in your movie (no offense to Sally Field). She has some really good credits on her IMDB: great in The Help, funny in Crazy Stupid Love, good voice work in The Croods, etc. Heck, she was even really good on SNL when she was doing publicity for Spider-Man.

It’s a big loss for this movie franchise. Big shoes to fill for the inevitable Amazing Spider-Man 3.

#2- You can’t kill Gwen Stacy.

It makes Spider-Man’s life too depressing. It was just too much. His parents, Uncle Ben, Captain Stacy and now Gwen? Gut punch after gut punch after gut punch. I felt like Spider-Man would just commit suicide and end it. So much to handle for an 18 year old kid. And it’s not like he has superhero buddies or civilian friends to lean on. Other than Aunt May he literally has no one. And Aunt May doesn’t even know he’s Spider-Man. A very solitary and depressing situation. Plus he works for a jerk.

For example, Batman’s life isn’t nearly as tragic by comparison. At least has some sort of support system. Alfred helps him with his Superhero duties, plus he’s got commissioner Gordon, Morgan Freeman, and Catwoman. He did lose his parents tragically, but at least his alter ego is rich and famous.


Imagine how angry he’d be if EVERYONE died.

When Spider-Man 2 was done I thought to myself. “That would be like Forrest Gump but only if Captain Dan drowned in the boat and then at the very end the little kid died in Tom Hanks’ arms.”


I don’t think this version of the movie would have won the Oscar.

#3- You can’t kill her at the very end of the film.

If you’re going to stick with the comic book storyline and kill Gwen Stacy, you can’t squeeze it in during the last 5 minutes. This HUGE issue needed time to simmer and resolve. They should have ended the movie after killing Electro and left Gwen’s death for a 3rd movie. In that movie you could have her untimely death happen in the first part, have the second part be Spider-man fighting through his depression, and the final part being the plot resolution in regards to bad guys. It was shallow to drop this bomb at the very end without proper resolution. And audiences didn’t like it. It scored 8% points lower than the first Amazing Spier-Man.


“Umm, if you’re going to kill me at least make that it’s own movie.”

Maybe most people weren’t as bothered by the fact they killed Gwen Stacy or even how they did it. But for me it affected how I felt about the movie. Even though it may have been necessary to be true to Spider-Man’s story, I don’t think they executed it right and it negatively impacted the movie. That is why I gave this movie an “OK.”