I really enjoyed the Muppets reboot from 2011. I thought Jason Segel did a great job rejuvinating the franchise. It was a really fun movie. Not perfect in any regards, but it had some laughs, some heart and some great original songs. Parents liked it, kids liked it. It was a  winner. I would say it was “Really Good”. Could Muppets Most Wanted keep the good thing going? Sadly, no.

The Muppets 2

Everything was great, everything was grand. But then Disney dropped the ball from their hand.

For me Muppets 2011 felt pretty organic. The jokes and humor flowed from what they had set up. Muppets Most Wanted felt forced. There were very few laughs. In fact the only moment I laughed out loud was when they made a reference to the last movie.


“This new machine we’ve built will suck the joy from any future sequels.”

It’s surprising and a shame the Muppets Most Wanted was a let down. I like the Muppets and individually I like all the human characters they added. I love Tina Fey. Ty Burrell is fantastic. Ricky Gervais is funny at times. But it just didn’t work in the movie. Forced accents, boring plot points, and uninspired songs.


These 3 funny people plus the Muppets seems like a recipe for a winner.

Even my kids left the theater with the feeling that this new Muppets was “boring.” Hopefully they can get back on track with the next installment.


Final Verdict: “OK”

DVD: Good kids movies are worth their weight in gold, but I don’t think this makes the cut.

RT Audience Score: 62

CinemaScore: B+


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