I’m a little gun shy about animated sequels ever since Cars 2.  We loved the original Cars.  With 2 young boys we watched that movie a lot.  We owned dozens of die cast Cars cars.  We bought the Mater Tales DVD of shorts and really enoyed those.  So we had big hopes for Cars 2 and went on opening weekend.  And…ugh.  So disappointing.  The kids enjoyed it, but 6 year-olds aren’t very picky.  It just didn’t have the same magic and feel of the original.

Now on the flip side Kung Fu Panda 2 was amazing.  We really loved the original Kung Fu Panda (except that the boys wanted to imitate all the Kung Fu moves on each other).  Jack Black was great as Po and it had really good heart and humor.  So we hoped the 2nd one would be good.  And it delivered.  Me and the boys saw it 3 times in the theater and another handful of times on DVD.  We are eagerly awaiting KFP3, but its not coming till 2015 or later.

So was Monsters University going to be more like Cars 2 or more like Kung Fu Panda 2?  I can happily say that although it was nowhere near as great as KFP2, it was wayyy better than Cars 2.

I give Monsters University a very solid ” Pretty Good”.  It’s not easy to do a sequel.  You have to find the right balance of revisiting the original and bringing something new to the table.  MU did a pretty good job.  It wasn’t an instant classic, but it was entertaining. It has some good laughs and a couple sweet moments.  It had good flow and didn’t seem to drag.  The kids and I both enjoyed it.  We won’t be going back 3 times.  But we’d maybe see it again at the dollar theater and we’d consider buying it (since good kids movies are worth their weight in gold).  Definitely worth seeing, especially if you have kids or really enjoyed the original.

RT Audience Score: 82

CinemaScore: A


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