If we’re being perfectly honest, I went into this movie with no real attachment to Superman.  I saw the 80’s Superman movies when I was a kid (and thought they were fine), but I never had any real bond to Superman.  I never re-watched those movies (which would be really hard because they are super cheesy 80s cliche), I never read the comics, and I didn’t bother to see the 2006 Superman movie.  And I don’t think I’m alone (that 2006 movie bombed).  So DC Comics and Warner Bros had a big task ahead of them.  They needed to give me (and most of America) a reason to care about Superman.  And that’s a little tricky because Superman is usually very stoic and he is basically indestructible.  There’s not a lot of drama or relatability there.

So if that was the goal was getting people to care about the Man of Steel, then I would say that this movie was mostly successful.  I liked the movie.  I didn’t love it, but I liked it.  I don’t feel the urge to go see it again in the theater (probably will see it again on DVD).  They spent a lot of time building his back story to bring out his humanity  (I enjoyed Russel Crowe as his dad on Kryton).  There were some moving/inspiring moments and it did succeed in creating some emotional attachment to Superman.  I felt that I could understand what his motivations were and what shaped him into the person he becomes.  It succeeded enough that even though I wouldn’t be waiting in line at midnight for Superman 2, I would definitely see it.


“I just smashed into all those buildings, but don’t worry; I can’t be injured.”

My biggest issue with this movie is what makes Superman so powerful. He basically can’t be injured. And 30 minute fight scenes with invincible people fly-punching everyone are kind of boring. The back half of this movie lacked any real suspense or drama. It kind of dragged to a halt.

As far as grading this movie I’ve been torn.  There were some great moments.  But there was also some problems.  I definitely can’t get this movie all the way to “Really Good”, but it did well enough in the backstory to get a “Pretty Good”.  It was entertaining and definitely worth seeing on the big screen.

RT Audience Score: 82

CinemaScore: A-


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