RT score: 84

I generally think its good that most biopic movies have moved on from the ridiculous rose colored glasses hyperbole that cheesier movies of the past have displayed.  I don’t think historical figures need to be overly romanticized and white-washed.  It makes them more admirable when they are presented as exemplary individuals but also humans with flaws and foibles.  But when I heard about Lincoln I worried it would go to far the other way and overly focus on negative in a effort to be more real.  However I didn’t find that to be the case at all.  I thought Spielberg did a great job of portraying Lincoln.  I can’t vouch as to its historically accuracy, but the movie portrayed Lincoln as a real, but a powerful and admirable person.  It wasn’t white washed, and wasn’t painted black.  And it’s no secret that Daniel Day Lewis is amazing.  He was as good as Lincoln as he was as an adopted American-Indian in Last of the Mohicans (one of my all time favorite movies).

Overall this was a good and enjoyable movie.  I liked it and felt like it enlightened my understanding of this historical era a little.  It is a solid “Good” that I would definitely recommend seeing.