RT Audience Score: 83

I am amazed that this movie is already out.  Avengers was just over 12 months ago and Marvel has already released another Iron Man movie and Thor 2 isn’t far off.  Those speedy releases has led to a pretty good year for Robert Downey Jr.  Rumor is that he had $50M paydays for both Avengers and Iron Man 3 because of the way his contracts were negotiated (his agent is getting a gift subscription to the Jelly of the Month club for sure).  I would balk more at his ridiculous salary, but he is really good as Iron Man.  He’s a great blend of cocky, reckless and funny.  But he has enough heart to make the character balanced and likable.  And if the original Iron Man movie hadn’t been such a surprise runaway success, the Avengers might never have happened.  And Iron Man 3 has already made over $1B worldwide.  So Marvel can’t be too upset.  Kudos to RD Jr for doing a good job as Tony Stark and negotiating a good contract.  Go free enterprise!

Back to the review of the movie itself.  Iron Man 3 had a lot to live up to.  It was important for this movie not to be bad because the Iron Man series is the flagship of the Avengers character’s individual movies.  And if Iron Man slips that would be bad for the other single movies and the prospects for Avengers 2 and 3.  That is a lot of pressure.  And besides, sequels in general are hard to pull off well, let alone trilogies.

And with all that, Iron Man 3 delivered.  It wasn’t a home run.  But it was a definitely a double or a triple.  And with the degree of difficulty this movie faced that is very commendable.  I give it a solid “Good+”.  I really liked Ben Kingsly as the Mandarin and the old characters continue to be solid.  And the Iron Man suit is a great character.  Everyone wants one.  I turns an everyman into an IronMan.  The self propelling parts in this film are a little much, but still cool.

In summary this movie was really good and very entertaining. There was some little things I didn’t love, but overall it was a very solid delivery.  This is a movie that should definitely be seen in the theater.

UPDATE:  After a few weeks of internal debate I’ve decided to downgrade Iron Man 3 to just plain “Good”. It is still a good, enjoyable movie; and a great performance for the 3rd movie in a super hero franchise.  But I don’t feel the need to see this one again, so that means it’s ceiling is a straight “Good.”