RT Score: 70

70 is not the kind of score that screams out to me that I need to see a movie.  But I really like Kevin James and the premise sounded fun.  So in this case I was using the RT score to make sure it wasn’t awful.  This movie would have gotten an “OK” score, but my Kevin James fandom bumped it up to “Good”.  It was entertaining and had some funny moments.  Worth seeing, but probably not something I’d see again.

On a side note, Kevin James has not had the career I would have imagined.  King of Queens had a great 9 season run on TV (which is a GREAT show to watch reruns of on TBS if you missed it while it was new), but his film career never took off.  Here’s his IMDB.  His part in Hitch was great.  Paul Blart: Mall Cop was fine.  I never saw The Dilema or the Zookeeper.  Chuck and Larry was ok I guess.  His voice-work in Barnyard and Hotel Transylvania was good, but that doesn’t really count.  What I’m getting at is that Kevin James is really funny, but hasn’t had a defining movie yet.  I hope it’s in the works.