RT Audience Score: 88
CinemaScore: A

I didn’t jump on board the Fast and Furious franchise until the 5th installment. I was finally convinced by Sport Guy and Adam Corolla’s endorsement. Up to that point I had written off the Fast and Furious franchise as over the top and ridiculous.  And granted, these movies are over the top and often ridiculous. And they are sometimes unintentionally funny. But to steal a Sports Guy term, they are “entertaining as hell.” You know you’re going to get some awesome car chases, some cool fights and be very entertained for 2 hours.  And there will be no fatigue from deep mental strain.  Just mindless fun and ridiculousness.  From talking to people about the other Fast and Furious installments, it seems that the makers have endorsed the ridiculousness.  So now they are slightly “in on the joke” and it gives a good feel to the movie.

Movies like this one are challenging with my grading system. It’s hard not to grade these on a curve. What I mean is that not all movies are created equal. Like I said, this movie is very entertaining, but its hard to give it a “Great” score. But as a dumb summer entertaining action movie it was great. So it was great within its sphere, but not great overall.  The system is designed to be hierarchical. Meaning if I only have time for watching one movie I should want to see a movie graded “Great” rather than one graded “Good”. However that isn’t always that easy. Dark Knight and Inception are “Amazing”. But they are heavy and/or mentally draining. If I’m worn out and just want to be entertained I’d probably rather watch Fast and Furious. But to be fair I  need to grade on a “all other things being equal” basis.

So in summary Fast and Furious 6 officially gets a “Good+” score even though it was a great action movie.  I would highly recommend seeing it, especially if you enjoy other movies in the franchise or love dumb action movies.