Groundhog Day meets Independence Day meets Mech-Warrior. Now I’ve got you hooked, right? Seriously though, this movie was good despite being Groundhog Day + aliens – Bill Murray.

For me Emily Blunt was the key to this movie. She was the perfect costar choice because there is something naturally likable about her, which helps balance the naturally crazy that Tom Cruise can sometimes bring. Although I generally like Mr Cruise, people often accuse him of playing the same role (a variation of himself) over and over. That doesn’t bother me (since I’m not a critic), as long as he’s good at it. Tom has seen his popularity slip over the years from the Oprah couch thing and all the weird religious stuff. But he has been in some solid roles lately. Jack Reacher was underrated. Oblivion wasn’t good, but not because of Tom cruise.  And Edge of Tomorrow was “Really Good”.

I’m still Maverick, but now I’m fighting aliens by using the plot of Groundhog Day.

This movie under performed in the box office, but was very entertaining. Tom Cruise was solid. Emily Blunt is great. The plot was interesting. The characters were interesting and the CGI/effects were good. Plus this movie gets points for having an original premise. Although there have been plenty of movies about fighting alien invaders, this is the first time I recall the creatures using a time-loop as a military tactic. The CGI and effects were good. I didn’t love the very very end, but that’s a minor point. Definitely entertaining and worth seeing.

Final Verdict: “Really Good”– Worth seeing in the theater

DVD: Worth paying to rent or stream.

RT Audience Score: 91

CinemaScore: B+


IMDB Rating: [imdblive:rating]