The NFL Draft has become an insane phenomenon.The fact that it is now a multi-day televised event with millions of viewers is crazy. I love football. I love the Bears. But I don’t love watching the clock tick down while talking heads debate about 100’s of guys I haven’t heard of, many of whom won’t even be in the league by opening day. I’d rather read the recap after the fact than witness it live. I am in the minority among football fans though. Over 23 million people watched the 2014 NFL Draft in some format over the 3 days. Those are big numbers that can’t be ignored, and Hollywood studios took notice and tried to cash in.


“A movie about the NFL Draft? Do you think people will really watch that?”

The Good

It was decently entertaining, even if sometimes it was unintentional. It was approachable for people who aren’t football experts. It had a couple fun moments. Jennifer Garner is likable. Football is cool. It wasn’t as bad as I expected… I’m struggling to come up with stuff here.


“Uh oh. That list of good stuff was pretty short.”

The Bad

This section will be a little longer. First a couple minor things, then the main issue.

Minor #1: The split screen gimmick was laughable. It seems like the producers and graphics people found a way to do a dynamic split-screen in the movie. It was interesting the first time, useful the second, and by the tenth time they threw it out it was getting ridiculous. It was like the filmmakers said, “Hmm, this film is pretty weak. Any special effects we can show off to distract the audience?” “Well, we’ve got this moving split-screen thing that’s new.” “Great, put that same effect in 15 times, and sometimes for no reason!”


“Are we seriously doing the split screen call AGAIN?”

Minor #2: The chemistry they were banking on between Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner just didn’t quite work. Which is a little strange. I like them both independently, and they’ve both had good chemistry with plenty of other actors. It might be because the screenplay was just weak. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t good.

The Major issue: This movie needed to be either a realistic depiction of the ins and outs of the NFL Draft that would appeal to football fanatics or a movie about relationships of people that happen to be in the NFL that would work as a drama or a rom-com. It went down the middle and did neither. The draft stuff was wildly unrealistic in attempts to be more approachable by the average moviegoer. Some of the plot points around the draft were so dumb I laughed out loud even though I was alone. And the romance/chemistry didn’t work well enough to be good as a romance, drama or comedy. Too much going on, and too many bad speeches to try to drive things home.

The Comps

This movie is a poor man’s version of Million Dollar Arm or Moneyball.

The Conclusion

It was entertaining at times, enjoyable at times, but also awful and laughable at times. It was interesting enough that I didn’t hate it. It also didn’t hurt that I wasn’t expecting much.


Final Verdict: “OK”– Wait for DVD

DVD: Check it out on Netflix or cable if its free and you’re bored.

RT Audience Score: 68

CinemaScore: B+


IMDB Rating: [imdblive:rating]