Pretty Good is not bad. It can seem bad when you consider that it’s short of Rally Good, Great and Amazing. But Pretty Good still has the word good in it. Much better than OK, Crappy or the dreaded Horrible (I hate you Twlight Eclipse Part 1). Post-Twilight, I just have a bad taste in my mouth about teenage fiction novels (despite Hunger Games). So I was worried Divergent would be bad.


Don’t be afraid! Do it! Give Divergent a shot.

I wasn’t ready for a another hokey story with a lame teenage love triangle. Much to my surprise Divergent was actually “Pretty Good”. Was there some hokeyness? Yes, but not unbearably so. Was there some lame teenagey love stuff? Again, yes but not unbearably so.


“People are seriously comparing us to Twilight?”

And the background story of their post-apocalyptic world was intriguing enough that I was entertained. Shailene Woodley wasn’t bad. She was believable and likable (looking at you Kristen Stewart).


You’d think this was for a green screen CGI flying sequence, but no. They actually use zip lines in the bleak future.

This movie was good enough that I enjoyed it and would be interested in seeing the sequel. Well done Divergent, well done.


Final Verdict: “Pretty Good

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RT Audience Score: 72

CinemaScore: A


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