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Book of Life (Movie Review)

The Book of Life is a 20th Century Fox animated movie about a young man competing against his best friend for the love of a woman. What makes this movie very different is that a large portion of this movie would take place in the underworld with the main character dead. That sounds pretty […]

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Million Dollar Arm (Movie Review)

Million Dollar Arm is a Disney production based on a true story that i was 100% unaware of. It’s probably because I’m not super into baseball, but I was nonetheless surprised I was not more familiar with this story. Without giving anything away I can say that this movie is about an agent who […]

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The Maze Runner (Movie Review)

Like I said in my review for The Giver, there is a lot of competition right now in the teenage post-apocalyptic genre. Maze Runner is going up against a huge success (Hunger Games), a moderate success (Divergent), and a relative dud (The Giver). The Hunger Games is the clear champ in that category right […]

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Edge of Tomorrow (Movie Review)

Groundhog Day meets Independence Day meets Mech-Warrior. Now I’ve got you hooked, right? Seriously though, this movie was good despite being Groundhog Day + aliens – Bill Murray.

For me Emily Blunt was the key to this movie. She was the perfect costar choice because there is something naturally likable about her, which helps balance […]

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Bears (Movie Review)

Some family movies that kids enjoy are barely tolerable for the adults that have to go along with them. Some our downright painful. And yet others are just as enjoyable for the adults as the kids. In this case, we all really liked Bears.

The cinematography was amazing. Several times throughout the movie I asked […]

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Fast & Furious 6 (Movie Review)

RT Audience Score: 88
CinemaScore: A

I didn’t jump on board the Fast and Furious franchise until the 5th installment. I was finally convinced by Sport Guy and Adam Corolla’s endorsement. Up to that point I had written off the Fast and Furious franchise as over the top and ridiculous. ¬†And granted, these movies are over […]

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Star Trek 2 (Movie Review)

RT Audience Score: 89I know that this movie is officially called Star Trek Into Darkness, but let’s be honest its Star Trek 2.  I didn’t like the previews for this movie.  They seemed dark, messy and melodramatic.  So although I quite enjoyed the Star Trek reboot I didn’t have too high of hopes for […]

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