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Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (Movie Review)

Alexander and the Terribly long title is a 2014 Disney movie based on 1972 kids book. Why so long in development? I think it was a lot like the wait on Ender’s Game, they just needed the CGI to catch up before they could pull it off (kidding obviously). This is a Disney family […]

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The Fault In Our Stars (Movie Review)

Anyone recall A Walk To Remember? It was a super sappy tragic teenage love movie from the early 2000’s. It was painful to watch, but my wife insists the movie was key in our falling in love, so I can’t bash it too hard. That movie had a good soundtrack, but it was just too […]

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Divergent (Movie Review)

Pretty Good is not bad. It can seem bad when you consider that it’s short of Rally Good, Great and Amazing. But Pretty Good still has the word good in it. Much better than OK, Crappy or the dreaded Horrible (I hate you Twlight Eclipse Part 1). Post-Twilight, I just have a bad taste […]

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World War Z (Movie Review)

Because I’m a big wimp, I don’t like horror movies.  Thankfully this was a “end if the world” action movie, not a horror film. Was world war Z perfect?  Obviously not. But it had enough original elements and was well made enough to be very enjoyable. It also made me realize that if there is […]

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Monsters University (Movie Review)

I’m a little gun shy about animated sequels ever since Cars 2.  We loved the original Cars.  With 2 young boys we watched that movie a lot.  We owned dozens of die cast Cars cars.  We bought the Mater Tales DVD of shorts and really enoyed those.  So we had big hopes for Cars […]

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Man of Steel (Movie Review)

If we’re being perfectly honest, I went into this movie with no real attachment to Superman.  I saw the 80’s Superman movies when I was a kid (and thought they were fine), but I never had any real bond to Superman.  I never re-watched those movies (which would be really hard because they are […]

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The Internship (Movie Review)

RT Audience Score: 69

I have a special place in my heart for Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.  They are each so good in their laid-back, smooth style.  And they work together so well.  I could make a list a mile long of movies I’ve really enjoyed that starred one or both of them.  So […]

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Iron Man 3 (Movie Review)

RT Audience Score: 83

I am amazed that this movie is already out.  Avengers was just over 12 months ago and Marvel has already released another Iron Man movie and Thor 2 isn’t far off.  Those speedy releases has led to a pretty good year for Robert Downey Jr.  Rumor is that he had $50M […]

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Lincoln (Movie Review)

RT score: 84

I generally think its good that most biopic movies have moved on from the ridiculous rose colored glasses hyperbole that cheesier movies of the past have displayed.  I don’t think historical figures need to be overly romanticized and white-washed.  It makes them more admirable when they are presented as exemplary individuals but also humans with […]

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Jack Reacher (Movie Review)

This was like Fast Five, but with a renegade investigator instead of cars. And just like Fast Five, it over the top but highly entertaining (if you enjoy the genre).  Tom Cruise was surprisingly good, but that might be because it was a natural role for him (intense, semi-crazy guy). This won’t win any […]

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Pitch Perfect (Movie Review)

RT score: 83 

When I saw the preview this didn’t jump out as a movie I’d probably see, but it’s Rotten Tomaoes user score was very good (I’ll usually see anything that scores an 80+ unless it is obviously not in my wheelhouse).  This had 2 other things in its favor. 1- I enjoy singing.  2- I […]

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Bourne Legacy (Movie Review)

RT: 57I usually agree with the Rotten Tomatoes user review score pretty closely.  Good movies usually get 70-80, great ones 80-90, and amazing ones get a 90+.  I usually don’t see movies that score under 60 unless I have a strong reason to believe I’ll like it.  This was the case with Bourne Legacy. […]

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The Amazing Spiderman (Movie Review)

I finally got around to seeing the Spiderman re-reboot.  Let me start by saying I hated the Tobey Maguire Spiderman movies.  T-Mag was the worst superhero of all time.  He was so whiny and lame.  And the movies were so cheesy and terrible.  It was like the “sand monologue” but a whole movie. I […]

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The Hobbit (Movie Review)

I was not super exited about the Hobbit.  I am a big LOTR fan (more the books than the films), and read the Hobbit when I was in Jr High.  But I was turned off by the fact it was being stretched into 3 movies.  However, I still figured it would be worth seeing.  I ended […]

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