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Draft Day (Movie Review)

The NFL Draft has become an insane phenomenon.The fact that it is now a multi-day televised event with millions of viewers is crazy. I love football. I love the Bears. But I don’t love watching the clock tick down while talking heads debate about 100’s of guys I haven’t heard of, many of whom […]

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Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Movie Review)

I have opinions about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that I can’t get into without divulging a big spoiler, which I hate to do. So this will be a 2-part review. I’ll post what spoiler-free thoughts I have here in Part 1, and the spoiler stuff will posted be in Part 2 here.

Let start with some positives. […]

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The Giver (Movie Review)

This statement is almost always true so it’s trite to say, but this was probably a much better book than a movie. This seems like it would be a really thought provoking book that could lead to some good discussions about utopia, free will, happiness, government, love, and lots of other meaty topics. That’s […]

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Planes: Fire and Rescue (Movie Review)

When does getting a score of “OK” constitute a success? When it’s for a sequel of a movie that is 13 months old and stars Dane Cook. Planes: Fire and Rescue! In all fairness I expected this to be bad and it wasn’t. It was “OK” bordering on Pretty Good, so that’s a win.

For […]

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Muppets Most Wanted (Movie Review)

I really enjoyed the Muppets reboot from 2011. I thought Jason Segel did a great job rejuvinating the franchise. It was a really fun movie. Not perfect in any regards, but it had some laughs, some heart and some great original songs. Parents liked it, kids liked it. It was a  winner. I would […]

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Movie Review)

I’m probably in the minority finding this movie “OK” instead of at least some level of good or great. The CGI and effects were great. Gandalf is always cool. I didn’t mind seeing Orlando Bloom again. I even liked the female elf character they invented. Smaug looked cool, and who doesn’t like Benedict Cumberpatch. […]

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The Croods (Movie Review)

RT Score: 84

I wasn’t inspired by the previews for the Croods.  Even though the main character is voiced by my new celebrity crush Emma Stone, I didn’t really plan on seeing it.  But a few people at work liked it.  And then I saw that it had a RT User Score of 84.  That […]

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Oblivion (Movie Review)

RT score: 68

When I saw the preview I thought this movie looked interesting.  But I was skeptical because a lot of movies make good previews that hide a crappy movie.  When the scores came in at a tepid 68 I was skeptical.  But a friend highly recommended it, so I gave it a chance.  It was […]

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Here Comes the Boom (Movie Review)

RT Score: 7070 is not the kind of score that screams out to me that I need to see a movie.  But I really like Kevin James and the premise sounded fun.  So in this case I was using the RT score to make sure it wasn’t awful.  This movie would have gotten an “OK” score, […]

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Skyfall (Movie Review)

RT score: 88I’m generally a fan of Bond movies (as most of the world is).  So I figured that with a score of 88 and the power of the Bond franchise this would be a great movie.  Don’t get me wrong, I liked it, but I wasn’t blown away.  I like Daniel Craig as […]

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Salmon Fishing In The Yemen (Movie Review)

RT score: 65This movie was fine.  I didn’t love it and I didn’t hate it.  One of my friends really liked it, and I can totally understand that.  It was a nice story, Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt were solid, and the scenery was nice.  I just didn’t love it. I would recommend it under the […]

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