Captain America: The Winter Soldier hit the rare trifecta (the movie trifecta, not the George Costanza trifecta). What I mean is that Captain America scored well with critics, fans and was a box office monster. If any movie was going to hit all three of those barometers it was going to be this one. This was a highly anticipated movie, not only because of the amazing momentum Marvel has going, but because this is supposedly one of the most acclaimed Captain America story arcs from the comics. Also, this movie marked the beginning of the 2014 summer blockbuster season (even though it was early April). And it was highly touted by critics and early reviewers. There was even some pre-release buzz that it might be better than Avengers and/or the greatest superhero movie of all time. That last bit of buzz got a little out of hand but it was a great, enjoyable and entertaining movie. I may or may not have gotten pretty excited about the release of this movie and worn my (cheap and saggy) Captain America costume around town.


Slice! And sadly I can’t blame the suit.

To hit the trifecta, a movie needs to be running on all cylinders. So it sure helped that this movie had the foundation of a pretty dang good cast. Chris Evans has been great as Captain America (although I hear he is tiring of the role), Scarlett Johansen seems primed to get her own Black Widow movie, and Samuel L Jackson has come a long way in the CGI acting world from his Mace Windu days. Plus they added Robert Redford!


“Tell Disney I’ll need that check in advance.”

I also personally enjoyed the choreography on the fighting sequences. They were more the clean, sharp style instead of the blurry, jittery stuff. The opening sequence had Steve kicking some major butt in ways that drew “oohs” and “ahhs’ from the opening night crowd. And for not having super powers Black Widow holds her own pretty well. Having a solid bad guy always improves your action scenes as well, and the Winter Soldier did not disappoint.


“If I get into Avengers 2, my paycheck will be THIS big.”

Plus it was nice to see Steve get a new friend and his first kiss in 50 years. That guy deserves it. Everyone he knew is dead!


PDAs do make people uncomfortable.

Marvel has figured out audiences like: cool heroes, a decent plot, good fights and some humor. They delivered on that. The plot was better than some of its predecessors, it had a little James Bond feel to it. I was surprised critics enjoyed it as much as they did, but it was great, so why wouldn’t they? It was the best of the Marvel solo movies, save only the first Iron Man (that movie gets bonus points for being the kick-start to this whole Marvel run). Captain America: The Winter Soldier is definitely worth seeing if you have any interest in this genre at all. And it’s good enough you might still enjoy it if you don’t have any interest in the genre.


Final Verdict: “Great”

DVD: Now on RedBox, soon to be in my personal collection. Netflix can’t be far off.

RT Audience Score: 93

CinemaScore: A


IMDB Rating: [imdblive:rating]