RT: 57

I usually agree with the Rotten Tomatoes user review score pretty closely.  Good movies usually get 70-80, great ones 80-90, and amazing ones get a 90+.  I usually don’t see movies that score under 60 unless I have a strong reason to believe I’ll like it.  This was the case with Bourne Legacy.  Although it’s score is poor, some friends said they did indeed like it.  I was very skeptical because of the score though, so this was a RedBox rental instead of a theater viewing.

It wasn’t bad.  I would think that anyone that enjoyed the other Bourne movies would also enjoy this.  My wife doesn’t particularly like action movies and she enjoyed this one, so that’s a good indicator.  Jeremy Renner wasn’t bad.  He’s no Matt Damon, but who is?  It had a decent plot, good action sequences, and generally stayed within the series framework.  I probably won’t see it again, but I would recommend renting it if you enjoyed the other Bourne movies or like action movies.

I gets a “Good” score.