The Book of Life is a 20th Century Fox animated movie about a young man competing against his best friend for the love of a woman. What makes this movie very different is that a large portion of this movie would take place in the underworld with the main character dead. That sounds pretty morbid and not very kid friendly. But the whole concept of Book Of Life was to show a colorful and happy Land of the Remembered that made the death part not scary.


What a pleasant and vibrant take on the underworld and dead people.


The Good

This movie was refreshingly different from a lot of animated movies by being original in both its artwork and storytelling. The characters were CGI animated wooden puppets. They looked great and featured a variety of scenery and color. The story was different than your average kids movie, in a good way. The actors did quality voice work that helped bring the characters to life. There was some fun and original use of music in the movie.


“We’re dead?”

The Bad

Not every plot element worked and not every joke landed. This movie just didn’t have the power behind it to push it into the “Great” category.

The Comps

It’s not in the stratosphere of of LEGO movie, Kung Fu Panda or Wreck-It Ralph. But it’s definitely a step above movies like Rio 2, Nut Job or Free Birds.

The Conclusion

I’m a sucker for a good animated movie. Partially because I have kids, and because I partially am still a kid. This was a “Really Good” animated movie. It is a fun movie that should entertain both children and the adults who bring them.

Final Verdict:Really Good” – Worth seeing in the theater.

DVD: Worth paying to rent or stream.

RT Audience Score: 83

CinemaScore: A-


IMDB Rating: [imdblive:rating]