Some family movies that kids enjoy are barely tolerable for the adults that have to go along with them. Some our downright painful. And yet others are just as enjoyable for the adults as the kids. In this case, we all really liked Bears.


This is the story of 2 bear cubs and the amazing trials their mom goes through to raise them.

The cinematography was amazing. Several times throughout the movie I asked myself, “how did they get that shot?” It all looks so incredible. John C. Reilly (Wreck-It Ralph) was great as the narrator.


How can you not like this? Its a bear cub with a clam stuck on his paw.

This movie actually had a narrative and story arc. It had a protagonist (mama bear), humor (kids), villans (see below), drama and lightsabers (ok, no lightsabers).

Disneynature's BEARS

These two animals caused me a lot of anxiety.

This movie looked great, had a great story and was nice and short. It’s amazing something could come together like this under the difficult circumstances they had to film in. The whole family will enjoy it.


Final Verdict: “Really Good”

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RT Audience Score: 79

CinemaScore: A


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