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I’m not qualified to be a movie critic. I’m just a regular guy who loves movies.

Wreck-It Ralph (Movie Review)

We saw this twice in the theater. It gets a “Great” score. Disney is killing it lately. Tangled was great, Brave was good, Toy Story 3 was great. 
But anyway. WIR was funny an very creative.  The video game world they built was amazing. Both the kids and I found it very enjoyable and highly […]

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The Hobbit (Movie Review)

I was not super exited about the Hobbit.  I am a big LOTR fan (more the books than the films), and read the Hobbit when I was in Jr High.  But I was turned off by the fact it was being stretched into 3 movies.  However, I still figured it would be worth seeing.  I ended […]

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