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Iron Man 3 (Movie Review)

RT Audience Score: 83

I am amazed that this movie is already out.  Avengers was just over 12 months ago and Marvel has already released another Iron Man movie and Thor 2 isn’t far off.  Those speedy releases has led to a pretty good year for Robert Downey Jr.  Rumor is that he had $50M […]

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The Croods (Movie Review)

RT Score: 84

I wasn’t inspired by the previews for the Croods.  Even though the main character is voiced by my new celebrity crush Emma Stone, I didn’t really plan on seeing it.  But a few people at work liked it.  And then I saw that it had a RT User Score of 84.  That […]

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Useful Tools For Movie Judgment (Commentary)

Ideally the best way to tell if a movie is good is to see it. But obviously there isn’t time (or desire) to see every movie out there. The next best thing is a personal review from your peers. If people you like enjoy the movie, then there’s a good chance you will too. […]

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Lincoln (Movie Review)

RT score: 84

I generally think its good that most biopic movies have moved on from the ridiculous rose colored glasses hyperbole that cheesier movies of the past have displayed.  I don’t think historical figures need to be overly romanticized and white-washed.  It makes them more admirable when they are presented as exemplary individuals but also humans with […]

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Oblivion (Movie Review)

RT score: 68

When I saw the preview I thought this movie looked interesting.  But I was skeptical because a lot of movies make good previews that hide a crappy movie.  When the scores came in at a tepid 68 I was skeptical.  But a friend highly recommended it, so I gave it a chance.  It was […]

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Les Miserables (Movie Review)

RT Score: 81

I was very skeptical of this movie when I heard about it being made.  That is because I am a BIG fan of the musical and I feel like very few movie versions of musicals work out. I find film versions of musicals often feel strange or awkward.  Usually it is just […]

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Rock of Ages (Movie Review)

RT Score: 56This movie has a 56 for a reason.  It just wasn’t very good.  Besides that though, many people will be offended by this movie.  Some by the amount of Journey songs.  Some by the risque scenes.  Some by the glorification of sex, drugs and rock & roll.  What most offended me was […]

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Here Comes the Boom (Movie Review)

RT Score: 7070 is not the kind of score that screams out to me that I need to see a movie.  But I really like Kevin James and the premise sounded fun.  So in this case I was using the RT score to make sure it wasn’t awful.  This movie would have gotten an “OK” score, […]

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Disney is on Fire (Commentary)

The idea to write something about Disney’s incredible run lately came to me the other night. We watched UP with the boys and I had forgotten how good that movie was.  That got me thinking to how many hits Disney has had lately. Look at this list from 2009-2012 with the US box office numbers, Rotten […]

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Skyfall (Movie Review)

RT score: 88I’m generally a fan of Bond movies (as most of the world is).  So I figured that with a score of 88 and the power of the Bond franchise this would be a great movie.  Don’t get me wrong, I liked it, but I wasn’t blown away.  I like Daniel Craig as […]

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Salmon Fishing In The Yemen (Movie Review)

RT score: 65This movie was fine.  I didn’t love it and I didn’t hate it.  One of my friends really liked it, and I can totally understand that.  It was a nice story, Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt were solid, and the scenery was nice.  I just didn’t love it. I would recommend it under the […]

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Bourne Legacy (Movie Review)

RT: 57I usually agree with the Rotten Tomatoes user review score pretty closely.  Good movies usually get 70-80, great ones 80-90, and amazing ones get a 90+.  I usually don’t see movies that score under 60 unless I have a strong reason to believe I’ll like it.  This was the case with Bourne Legacy. […]

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Pitch Perfect (Movie Review)

RT score: 83 

When I saw the preview this didn’t jump out as a movie I’d probably see, but it’s Rotten Tomaoes user score was very good (I’ll usually see anything that scores an 80+ unless it is obviously not in my wheelhouse).  This had 2 other things in its favor. 1- I enjoy singing.  2- I […]

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Jack Reacher (Movie Review)

This was like Fast Five, but with a renegade investigator instead of cars. And just like Fast Five, it over the top but highly entertaining (if you enjoy the genre).  Tom Cruise was surprisingly good, but that might be because it was a natural role for him (intense, semi-crazy guy). This won’t win any […]

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The Amazing Spiderman (Movie Review)

I finally got around to seeing the Spiderman re-reboot.  Let me start by saying I hated the Tobey Maguire Spiderman movies.  T-Mag was the worst superhero of all time.  He was so whiny and lame.  And the movies were so cheesy and terrible.  It was like the “sand monologue” but a whole movie. I […]

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