Like it says on the homepage, I’m not qualified to be a movie critic. I didn’t study cinema in college. I’m not an aspiring filmmaker. I can’t speak for the historical significance or the artistic merit of a film. I can’t name the Oscar winners of the last 20 years, or even last year necessarily. I’m not even a journalism major (or minor for that matter). I’m just a regular guy who loves movies.

That being said, I obviously enjoy a great movie much more than a crappy movie. And I’ve found my tastes are often very different than most critics; thus the purpose of this website. I grade the movies I see with my own proprietary scoring system based on a complex series of algorithms. Actually, it’s just based on my gut feeling after pondering about a movie. But I do think it has value for giving a recommendation to other regular people like me who don’t always see eye to eye with critics.

My goal is that people can use the ratings I give out to help decide if a movie is worth seeing, or to help decide between which movie to see. I know my opinion will not perfectly mirror everyone out there, but I do think that it can be a useful part of an equation (including other metrics I reference in my reviews) to give people a useful recommendation.

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