This post contains SPOILERS! It is intended as a short nostaligic walk down memory lane for those who have seen the movie. You can see the spoiler-free review here.

First go see this Great/Amazing movie and then come read this. SPOILERS BELOW!

It’s no secret I love this movie. I said so in the review (here), and I’m considering upgrading this movie to “Amazing“. The reason why is that as I think back to the movie and recall specific scenes, a smile comes to my face or I even laugh under my breath a little. And the soundtrack keeps poping in my head reminding me of how effectively they incorporated “awesome” music. I wanted to try to write a little bit about some of the elements that made Guardians special.

Like I mentioned in the official review, when the first tease preview dropped, it set the tone for what the movie would be. Funny, light-hearted and full of great characters.


Apparently the A-Holes thing was a last minute add-in by the director, but helped set the tone for the movie.

The more I consider it, the headphones/mixtape plot device was pure genius. I just read this article that contains part of an interview with the Executive Producer. He says that the director (James Gunn) pitched the WalkMan idea as he was reworking the script. The idea allowed for them to overlay a cool, classic soundtrack over a sci-fi movie without it being forced or corny. The music was an important and genius plot device. I hear it’s doing well on iTunes.

Music has a strong connection to memory and emotion (for me at least). As I sit here writing, I can list several songs that strongly remind me of different parts of the movie and have a visceral reaction:

Come and Get Your Love

Hooked On A Feeling

Fooled Around And Fell In Love

Ooh Child

Aint No Mountain High Enough

I Want You Back


You can strip Peter Quill, and spray him with orange disinfectant, but don’t you dare touch his WalkMan.

The opening credits scene with Peter dancing and using a lizard as a microphone was especially great for me because I love that song. I use that song as a music trivia question all the time. What was the first #1 song by a Native-American band? Come And Get Your Love by Redbone.


He’s no 1970’s Travolta when it comes to dancing, but Andy Dwyer / Chris Pratt did a bang up job with plenty of heart.

The music helped build chemistry between characters and helped scenes like this be cool and funny instead of lame and awkward (like Anakin’s cringe-worthy sand monologue in Star Wars episode 2).

“Who put the sticks up their butts?” So great. Kevin Bacon is back on the radar.

The leg gag got a big laugh at both the showings I was at.


Bigger MacGuffin, the orb or the leg?

The leg got a good laugh, but this might have been the biggest laugh of the whole movie. It was very ala Hulk smashing Loki and saying “puny God.” Both great moments. Very smart by Marvel.


The dead people aren’t humans, so you can laugh without guilt.

This was bizarre, but cute and funny. Great song! So glad to get him back.


Why would Drax care so much that he’s dancing. He earned it! He just saved everyone’s life.

Such a great movie. I’m hoping to get out soon for a 3rd showing. (Yes I know I’m a big nerd).